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My heart

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My new role – Widowhood

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Dogs getting tongues stuck in toys

There was a recent article in the news about a Rottweiler getting his tongue stuck in a toy. The toy had a hole in one end and was otherwise solid. When his tongue got stuck, it created a suction that … Continue reading

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Petsitter Charged with Animal Cruelty

Petsitter Charged with Animal Cruelty                                                                                                         Burlingame, California, August 2015 A Burlingame pet … Continue reading

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Two Missouri Trainers Charged With Animal Abuse

Two Missouri Trainers Charged With Animal Abuse                  St. Peters, Missouri, July, 2015 Anthony Dean Lambert and Zachary Labath of Sit Means Sit face animal abuse charges for using shock collars in a way that caused pain to four dogs … Continue reading

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25 Findings About Your Brain

Complex learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by threat. The hippocampus has proportionally more receptors for stress hormones than any other portion of the brain. It is also critical in forming new memories and is linked to the indexing … Continue reading

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CGC as a Title

As of January 1, 2013, Canine Good Citizen® will become an  official AKC title that can appear on the title records of dogs registered or  listed with AKC. Dog owners who complete  the CGC as a Title process may list … Continue reading

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Halloween Tips for Your Dog

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Seeing Dublin

We planned our recent cruise more than two years ago. Starting the first part of 2012, I contacted other trainers who live near (relative term) to where we’d be traveling (Copenhagen, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, England). Most of them I met … Continue reading

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Why does your dog get aggressive on leash?

A new study out of Mendel University in the Czech Republic, which is set to appear in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, attempts to explain the reasons by examining various factors that can affect a dog’s level of aggression … Continue reading

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