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Wild Moms don’t say ‘suck it up, Baby’

Comfort is for all seasons, and something that we can offer anyone we love, especially our dogs when they are feeling anxious or outright afraid. Yet in some animal training circles, there is a persistent belief that to comfort an … Continue reading

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Katy 2_26

Over the course of about 4 hours, I was able to get the martingale collar on Katy and adjust it. I think it needs to be tighter so I’ll keep working on it. Every time I adjust it, I give … Continue reading

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Breaking up a Dog Fight

There is both good and bad information on the internet about breaking up a dog fight. These links provide what I think to be effective, reliable information about breaking up a fight without getting bitten. Any time your dog is … Continue reading

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Backyard vs. Reputable Dog Breeder

    Backyard Breeder 1. Motive for breeding: “fun”, “good for kids”, “to make money”. Does not screen buyers and seldom refuses to sell, even if buyer is unsuitable. Reputable Breeder 1. Dedication to producing quality dogs is serious avocation. … Continue reading

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Successful Dog Breeding

Here’s a link to the American Kennel Club page on breeding your dog. It contains information you can trust. However, breeding your dog should never be taken lightly, especially if you really care about your dog. A Guide to Breeding … Continue reading

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Excessive Licking in Dogs

Recent research has linked some behaviors in dogs to gastrointestinal issues. These might include licking objects or surfaces, flank sucking, licking feet, or more. If your dog is engaging in this kind of behavior, begin to keep a diary to … Continue reading

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“So you think you want to breed a litter of puppies.  There are some important questions to ask before you take that first big step.  The first, and perhaps most important, question is “Why?”.   The answers will be as varied … Continue reading

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Dr. Dobias on Shock, Prong, and Choke Collars

“No one really knows when the use of collars started. Perhaps it was the way the cave people restrained their wild dogs from running away.  However, the first reference to dog collars comes from Ancient Egypt. The reason why I … Continue reading

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So You Want to Breed Dogs Do You?

Another article on the topic of breeding dogs without doing extensive research on how to keep your dog, bitch, puppies, and breed viable. Are you sure?  These are the true experiences of fellow breeders. Breeding is NOT for the faint  … Continue reading

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R U Considering Breeding?

If you’re considering breeding your dog, there are many things you need to take into consideration. This is only one of them. I’m going to be posting a series of articles and posts from other bloggers on becoming a casual … Continue reading

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