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The Pet Project

The Paw Project educates people on the effects of declawing cats, both big and small. FACTS ABOUT FELINE DECLAWING Declawing is amputation; it is not merely the removal of the claws. To declaw a cat, the veterinarian cuts off the … Continue reading

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Puppy Prodigies

Few people know how important puppy socialization is to a well-adjusted adult dog. The Puppy ProdigiesĀ TM website has excellent information on working with puppies. Even people with an “accidental” litter should work with the litter and not just let them … Continue reading

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Finding Good Trainers

This article was published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior in 2006. The information is written from veterinarians to veterinarians. It’s a thorough analysis of what to look for that should be included and excluded inĀ a search and is also … Continue reading

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