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Too many dogs?

  The medical term for owning too many dogs? A roverdose. Submitted by Bob Miller – Alaska at Pun of the Day

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Adopt because they need you

From Mira Leibstein

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Why does your dog get aggressive on leash?

A new study out of Mendel University in the Czech Republic, which is set to appear in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, attempts to explain the reasons by examining various factors that can affect a dog’s level of aggression … Continue reading

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Train Without Pain

We don’t bribe, we reward. We are positive but not permissive. We pay attention to what our dogs like and dislike and use this information to control rewards and punishments in order to get the behavior we want from our … Continue reading

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Molly’s First Halloween

We adopted Molly four years ago but she’s never experienced Halloween. She’s my “go to” dog when I need one to take for a demonstration. She’s also the dog that usually goes with me on home visits for Lab Rescue … Continue reading

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