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Dog-dog Introductions

Many people are unsure of how to introduce their dog to another dog appropriately. Here are some guidelines for a safe and successful introduction. SuppliesAt least two people to handle the dogs (one person for each dog)Two leashes (one for … Continue reading

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Dialogue vs. Debate

Dialogue is collaborative: two or more sides work together toward common understanding. Debate is oppositional: two sides oppose each other and attempt to prove each other wrong. In dialogue, finding common ground is the goal. In debate, winning is the … Continue reading

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What is applied behavior analysis?

Behavior analysis is the scientific study of behavior. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of motivation and learning. Behavior is anything an animal does that is observable and measurable. Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of … Continue reading

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Stinky dog beds

I was just washng all the dog beds and want to pass along a tip for getting the dog smell out of the foam rubber. While the covers are washing, I put the foam in the sunlight and spray them … Continue reading

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God’s gifts

I’m not sure I believe in “God.” I’ve built a belief system that works for me. I believe in something bigger than me. It may be an energy, it may be an entity, I’m not sure. I believe in the … Continue reading

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Countermarking by Domestic Dogs Study

Effects of sex, social status and gonadectomy on countermarking by domestic dogs, Canis familiaris Anneke E. Lisberga, b, , and Charles T. Snowdonb, 1 a Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, U.S.A. b Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, … Continue reading

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2 Stray Dogs

  Big Guy 4-22 Video These dogs were dropped off in my neighborhood. They’re thin but neighbors are feeding them. The gray one is friendly and has an eye injury. The black one is arthritic and shy but will come … Continue reading

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Sandy Paws Sled Dogs

Had a nice Meetup with the Sandy Paws Sled Dogs  yesterday. Here are some of the pictures. Marilyn Wolf, of Korrect Kritters, gave a presentation on introducing dogs to dogs. One big dog who is usually reactive to the other dogs, … Continue reading

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Fossilized Sex

Fossilied trilobites have been discovered by the billions in “385-million-year-old rocks.” They were blind and eyeless. These groups of animals appear to mate then molt in enormous numbers.

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Whales Have Names

“Subtle variations in sperm-whale calls suggest that individuals announce themselves with discrete personal identifier. To put it another way, they might have names.” Article and audio on the possibility that whales have names.

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