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Napping with Molly

I decided to take a nap this afternoon. I didn’t want to get undressed to go to bed so I searched for a vacant couch. Molly was stretched out on the 3-cushion so I took the loveseat. When she discovered … Continue reading

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Earning trust from a Macaw

I’ve been volunteering at the vet tech program at Marchman Technical Education Center for the past few weeks. It was established by Deb Frelick, who teaches it. She brings her own animals for the kids to work with: llamas, goats, … Continue reading

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sleeping Molly

I’d really like to have a drink but that would mean moving the dog who’s sleeping with her head on my leg..

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… my dogs aren’t perfect either…

“Many of our clients believe that dog trainers’ dogs are perfect. I used to think so too. In fact, when I started training, I was embarrassed to tell people that I was a dog trrainer because my dogs weren’t perfect. … Continue reading

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Candy’s “Noodle-y” Leg

In the past few days Candy has begun to get a little muscle tension back in her leg. When she lies on her back now, it falls into a normal contraction. I can still take one finger and push her paw … Continue reading

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