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Even the Bad Stuff is Good

Digger has begun to take things and chew on them. This is a problem because he destroys things once in awhile. Even though it’s annoying (especially when he chewed my glasses), every time it happens I feel a little celebration … Continue reading

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the Carmelita Cormorant

I was driving down the street near Carmelita’s Restaurant (8526 Old County Road 54, New Port Richey) one evening and saw a cormorant standing beside the street. Hmmmm… Cormorants don’t usually stand unless they’re drying their feathers. This one wasn’t. … Continue reading

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Knee to the Head

We will have had Digger one year on July 16th. Seems longer. He’s come so far in that time that I forget how bad things used to be for him. (See the post below, “Digger is up for adoption”) I … Continue reading

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