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The Family Dog

This You Tube video shows everyone in the family having fun . . . except the dog. The dog is trying to just eat its rawhide in peace and the family won’t let it happen. The child is being encouraged … Continue reading

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How pets can be good for landlords and renters

There are many reasons a family might be moving into a rental home. Just a couple might be needing a new location or moving from a single home to a rental. However, this often means the family dog needs to … Continue reading

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Is your dog “broken?”

I just read yet another article about housebreaking. I used to housebreak dogs, cats, skunks, whatever came into the house. When a “present” was discovered, I was taught to yell at the animal, hit it with a newspaper, smash it’s … Continue reading

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Digger is up for adoption :-(

Digger is our foster dog. He’s a beautiful, auburn, guy with yellow eyes. He’s called a chocolate lab. He’s officially up for adoption, as he’s been put on the website. Digger came to us July of 2008. He was terrified … Continue reading

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